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Team Requirements

Team Requirements
Every team in the tournament will play 3 preliminary games. Depending on the number of teams in the age group bracket, only the top scoring teams will advance to the championship rounds. In the case of a 5 team bracket, each team will play 4 games and the 2 top point winners will be declared Champion and Runner-up.

Every team is required to provide the referee with a suitable game ball prior to the beginning of the game. The referee will select one to be used during play and return the ball to the providing team at the conclusion of the match.

Every team must have numbered alternate jerseys or numbered T-shirts available for their players. Violators will be removed from the field and not allowed back on the field of play until player’s equipment is corrected. The home team is listed first on the schedule. Home team will wear light or white and the visitors will wear dark jerseys. Home team will occupy north or west.

Every team coach will be required to sign the official gamecard provided by the referee. The referee will submit the gamecard for score postings to the tournament headquarters.

The coach is responsible for all verbal & physical actions of his/her spectators. The coach can receive a disciplinary card from the referee for the actions of his/her spectators. Verbal or physical abuse of referees or assistant referees of the game will not be tolerated. Violations can result in the forfeiture of the game and/or expulsion from the tournament.


  • A game shall be declared a forfeit if a team is not ready to play within ten (10) minutes of the published start time.

  • A game shall be declared a forfeit if a team is found to have an ineligible player participating.

  •   All teams must abide by the 50% playing time rule. Failure to do so will result in a forfeit. Coaches are responsible for notifying the referee and opposing coach about any player that may not play due to illness or injury.