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Youth Recreational

Coaches, please email if you have any concerns regarding your schedule. All request must be submitted seven days prior to the scheduled game.

The average age of our Recreational League referees is thirteen years of age. Please treat them as you would want others to treat your children. For many, this is their first job and they are excited to learn the art of being an official. 

Do not approach a referee on the field for clarification of any rule. If you feel attention needs to be called to your field during a game, find a Board Member.

Weather delays or cancellations will be posted.
Unless otherwise noted, games will continue as scheduled.

Play will cease if lightning has occurred within 10 miles in the previous 30 minutes.

During the March 2019 Regular Board Meeting, the Board agreed to update the rule regarding tie-breakers. Below is the new rule:

If two or more teams are tied in points after games for the current season are completed, the following tiebreaker procedures will be used to determine team standings:

The winner of head-to-head competition will advance in the standings. If this is a draw, or the teams did not play each other, then placement will be determined by:

The team with the highest goal differential will advance in standings. To configure goal differential, subtract total goals allowed from total goals scored for each game, then add the goal differentials together for the total. All goals scored will be counted, up to a maximum of 3 goal differential per game. Example: A score of 6-3 will have a goal differential of 3; a score of 9-1 will have a goal differential of 3 (the max allowed). If still tied, then:

The team with the fewest goals allowed will advance in standings. If still tied, then:

The team with the most number of shut-outs against its opponents will advance in standings. If still tied, then:

The final tie breaker is IFAB kicks from the penalty mark. Each team will take five alternating kicks and the team with the most goals will advance in standings. If they are still tied, then each team will take one kick until one team outscores the other after each team has taken an equal number of kicks. All players on each team, including the goalkeepers, must shoot once before any player can shoot twice. 



Coming Summer 2019
3v3 LIVE Soccer Tour

accepting ages 6-adult
Silver & Gold Divisions
High School & Adult Divisions