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Schedule / Maps

MSA would like to congratulate our Fall 2020 Division Winners:




1st Firecrackers – Barb Van Meter
2nd West Texas Diamonds – Zack Akin
3rd Purple Dynamite – Landon Jones  

1st Lightning - Jace Sparks
2nd Hungry Hungry Hippos - Allan Cervantes
3rd Dynamite FC - Clint Brunson

1st Lions – Nathan Rodarte
2nd Impact – Diana Ramos

3rd United – Clint Brunson

1st Pronghorns – Jimmy Cox
2nd Dragons – Jorge Morrison

1st WTX Heat - Albert Ramirez
2nd Rebellion - Ruben Mata  

3rd Firecrackers - Ivon Perez

1st Blue Heat - Raul Gallardo

2nd Arsenal Gunners - Julio Rodriguez  

1st Fusion - Efrain Borunda  



1st Kicks – Jason Stockstill

2nd Fireballs – Trevor Elza
3rd sharks – Jose Gaona

1st Arsenal - Kevin Fox
2nd Panthers – Chandra Llora
3rd Soccers - Javier Almodova

1st Midessa FC – Michael Benavides
2nd Knights - Andy Martinez
3rd Vipers – Robert Bussey 

1st Warriors - Bobby Billington

2nd Bad Guys Ben Kimbrough
3rd Midland Chivas – Ramiro Ballinas

1st Backdraft - Charles Hammond
2nd Blue Sharks - Kara Gaines

1st Tornados – Ryan Hooper

2nd Wolves - Nathan Rodarte

1st Hammerheads - Bryan Schroeter 

The average age of our Recreational League referees is thirteen years of age. Please treat them as you would want others to treat your children. For many, this is their first job and they are excited to learn the art of being an official. 

Do not approach a referee on the field for clarification of any rule. If you feel attention needs to be called to your field during a game, find a Board Member.

Weather delays or cancellations will be posted.
Unless otherwise noted, games will continue as scheduled.

Play will cease if lightning has occurred within 10 miles in the previous 30 minutes.