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Parent Resources

I will encourage and support my child...and the whole team.

I will promote and exemplify good sportsmanship.

I will not berate my child for mistakes during or after the game.

I will not coach from the sideline.

I will not engage in negative comments with or directed at opposing players, parents, coaches, or referees.

I will not disparage or undermine my child's coach or teammates on the sideline or at home.

Remember...your child may soon forget the game, however both of you will remember the good time they had playing and the memories that are being made.
Enjoy the game and let them play!


Pets are strictly prohibited at the park during games. We love your pets, but please leave them at home.


Jewelry may not be worn by players during games except for a medical purpose. In this case, they must be taped to the body.

Earrings, necklaces, and bracelets must be removed. Covering earrings with tape or bandages is not permitted. The player will not be permitted to enter the field until the jewelry has been removed.