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MSA Club/Competitive Information and Registration

2018 Fall/2019 Spring Competitive Registration Opens July 1, 2018

This information is for Competitive/Club teams requesting to use Midland Soccer Association (MSA) as the Home Association.

Please Note: This is not a registration for individual players who are seeking a competitive team.  

More information is found in the Competitive Soccer Policy Manual on the NTSSA website.


To register your CLUB (never registered to MSA) click here
To register your TEAM click here


MSA Competitive Fees

Coach/Manager Fees: $10  
Player Fees: $100 annually (Fall/Spring)
Player Add-On Fee: $50 (Spring Only)

Online payments will be accepted. MSA will not accept a team registration without payment.


Coach/Team Requirements

  • Background checks (Login to your coach account to complete)

  • ID's - Upload a valid photo of yourself for your ID card. No hats or sunglasses. (Login to your coach account to do this)

  • Club Fact Sheet - A Fact Sheet must be submitted electronically to NTSSA before registering the team with MSA. Proof of the Fact Sheet will be required for registration. Team Club Fact Sheet

  • Once the Team Club Fact Sheet is approved by NTSSA, you will receive an approval email. This is what you will print and present copies to your parents and players.  You may copy and paste this into a WORD document to clean it up, but DO NOT change the information.

  • All players and parents will then sign the Competitive/Club Team Signature Page

  • Copies of the Team Club Fact Sheet and the Competitive/Club Team Signature Sheet must be turned into the MSA office when you register your team.

***There is no action required on your part for the Spring season. Spring rosters will automatically be generated and available in your team account.***


Player Requirements


Register in GotSoccer

  • Register and upload documents in groups as listed

    • Birth Certificates

    • Registration Forms

    • Medical Releases

    • Club Fact Sheet and Signature Sheet (together)

MSA 2017/18 Competitive Registration

All Club teams MUST register through MSA using the link provided. Login using your Team Account. If its a new team you must create a new team account

After Registration is Complete

  • A signed official, computer generated, North Texas Roster will be available in your account.
  • An NTSSA Member ID Card as proof of background check for all rostered adults will be available.


Competitive/Club Team Roster Updates
It is very important you keep all changes updated with your Home Association


  • Coach Changes
  • Adding Asstistant Coach
  • Manager Change
  • Adding New Players
  • Deleting Players - Release is required
  • Transferring Players - Release is required
  • Keep all info current including phone numbers & email addresses

Update GotSoccer Player List/Roster Instructions During the Season

1. Deleting Players - Release is required; has to be signed & approved by North Texas.
***Note: In Spring the deadline to release players is April 1st, NO Exceptions!

2. Adding New Player - Add player to GotSoccer Team Account Player/List Roster.  Required Paperwork: Registration Form, Copy of Birth Certificate, and Medical Release must be provided to the MSA office.

3. Player Transferring to Team - Approved release signed by North Texas,  Registration Form. 
***Note: Recreational Players transferring need to have a approved release signed by their Home Association registrar, Registration Form, Copy of Birth Certificate, and Medical Release must all be provided to the MSA office.

4. Don't forget to update any jersey numbers if you had any changes.

5. Photos for ID Cards - Head Shots only (No action shots or hats/sunglasses)

MSA will generate a new roster with the changes.





MSA Registrar

For Questions Please Contact: