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Registration FAQ'S

Spring 2018 Season Registration

Early Registration Dates - November 27, 2017 to December 24, 2017 (Receive a $15 discount per registration)

Regular Registration Dates - December 25, 2017 to January 26, 2018 (No discounts, regular registration fees apply)

Late Registration Starts on January 28, 2018 ($25 late registration fee will apply if placed on a team)


Soccer Registration Fees

Registration fees do not cover playing equipment. Please contact the MSA office if you have questions.

U4                                           $55.00

U5-U6                                    $65.00

U7 & UP                                 $75.00

Registration fees that are not paid in full prior to player pool will result in the player being removed from their team or not placed on a team.

All requests for financial aid must be returned to the MSA office by January 26, 2018. Financial aid form is located under 'Forms' section.


2018 Spring Season Dates

March 24
April 7, 14, 21, 28
May 5, 12, 19


I just signed up, when will I hear something?
For the 2018 Spring season, you should receive a call sometime after the coaches meeting on February 27, 2018 (for 9U and Up) and March 1, 2018 (for 4U-8U).  That is when the coaches receive their rosters and depending on the coach’s schedule, he/she should call you shortly thereafter.  If you have not heard from your coach by March 8, 2018, please call the MSA office at 432-818-1294.

When does the season start?
For the 2018 Spring Season, opening weekend is March 24, 2018 , and play continues through May 19, 2018.

What exactly does my registration fee cover?
North Texas State Soccer Association (“NTSSA”), of which Midland is a part, receives a portion of each players’ registration fee which provides insurance coverage and operation expenses incurred for the development of soccer programs.  The remainder is used locally to cover administration expenses, pay office staff, buy field equipment, field maintenance, pay for referees, trophies and for coach and referee training and development.

What additional costs can I expect to pay?
The only mandatory equipment required by our rules are shin guards.  Each team is responsible for its own uniforms.  Usually the coach will choose the uniforms and collects funds from each player to cover the cost of the uniforms.  Sponsorship of uniforms and/or equipment is permitted, subject to MSA & NTSSA rules.  Soccer cleats are not mandatory equipment.  Each player will want to have a soccer ball.  There are other optional costs that vary from team to team, such as photos, tournament fees, party expenses, snacks, etc.

Where are the games played? 
MSA is provided five soccer complexes by the City of Midland. Under 4 through Under 8 play at J.P. Butler Sports Complex. Under 9 and older play at Windlands Sports Complex. Under 11 and older may have a few games scheduled at the UTPB soccer fields in Odessa. Beal, Hogan, and Reyes-Mashburn parks are provided for the use of tournaments and the club soccer programs.

When are the games played?
The majority of games are played on Saturdays starting at 9:00 a.m. with the last games scheduled for 3:00 p.m.  For Under-10 and younger, depending on schedule conflicts and field availability, some games might be played on Monday evenings.  For Under-11 and older, games will be played Saturday and/or Tuesday and Thursday evenings depending on schedule conflicts and field availability.

Where are the soccer complexes located?
Beal Park

5200 W. Wall

Hogan Park
1201 E. Wadley                      

J.P. Butler Park
3801 Bluebird Lane

Reyes-Mashburn-Nelms Park
2101 E. Cuthbert Ave.

Windlands Park
1000 W. Dengar

Maps are located under Forms/Maps on the MSA website

Last season I saw empty fields that we could have played on?
There are many considerations when scheduling games, the most important being referees.  We strive to have a full crew at each game, but sometimes we simply do not have enough referees to cover every game.  Just because there are empty fields at your complex does not mean that another complex is not completely booked.  Also each year we must “rest” fields at each complex.  Giving the fields a much-needed break ensures a better environment for growing the ever-precious grass for the next season!

We played games without a referee last season?
We strive to have referees at every game and attempt to schedule games so that we can cover as many games as possible.  However, there are factors that we cannot control.  Referees become ill, injured, or school and family conflicts come up at the last minute. Not all referees are qualified to officiate every age group.  Just like our players, our new referees are also learning the game, therefore it is possible to see an adult on a 4- or 6-year-old game, while an older age group game goes uncovered.  The rules of MSA and NTSSA allow for a parent to referee a game when a sanctioned referee is not available. We always are looking for referees!

How are teams formed? 
Teams are formed according to the players' neighborhood public elementary school (NES). Most Under 7 and older teams are already formed and players are added to fill the rosters. However, new teams are often necessary to accommodate the number of players in each division.

Can I request a team for my child?
In order to promote soccer participation, a player that has not registered with any Member Association (unless proof of new residency within MSA boundaries) during the last two seasons may request to buddy with a friend with the permission of MSA. The friend may be a new or existing player. All requests shall be made at the time of registration.

How many games will we play?
The spring and fall season are eight game seasons.  In the event of rain, cancelled games are not usually rescheduled unless they are games that affect season standings in the older age groups.

Who can I call to find out if a game has been cancelled?
Rain does not automatically cancel a soccer game.  We only cancel games in the event of lightning or when continued play will cause damage to the fields.    Sometimes morning games are cancelled, but not afternoon games.  Best practice – show up for your games.  A MSA Board Member makes these decisions at each complex.  Call your Vice-Commissioner or the Commissioner to find out the status of the day’s games.  You can also check our web site.

What size ball will they use?
Under 8 and younger
Size 3 ball

Under 9 through Under 12
Size 4 ball

Under 13 and Older
Size 5 ball

How many players are on the field?
Under-4 and Under-8 play 4 a side, no goalie (or player in a defender’s position).

Under-9 and Under-10 play 7 a side, which includes a goalie.

Under-11 and Under-12 play 9 a side, which includes a goalie.

Under-13 and older play 9 a side or 11 a side, depending on the players available.

How long are the games?
Under 4
four 8 minute quarters

Under 5 - Under 8
four 10 minute quarters

Under 9-10
two 25 minutes halves

Under 11 and Older
two 30 minute halves

Do we have to play in a tournament?
No!  Participation in a tournament is strictly optional and is up to each individual team.  Just about every recreational tournament allows for guest players to cover these situations.  However, you MUST invite each existing team member to attend the tournament.  If a player chooses not to attend a particular tournament, you may then pick up guest players.  At no time may a team go above their maximum allowable roster size.  To determine the maximum roster size, multiply the number of players on the field during a game times 2.

What is the Turkey Shootout?
The Turkey Shootout is an annual soccer tournament run by Midland Soccer Association and sanctioned by North Texas State Soccer Association.  Participation by each team is optional and an additional entry fee applies.  This is the 34th year for this tournament which is held on the 1st and 2nd weekends of November 2017 and routinely attracts over a 100 teams throughout West Texas and Eastern New Mexico. 

Can I be a coach?
Generally yes!  We are always in need of coaches.  Even if you have never played soccer before, coaching soccer is easy.  All that is required is a wiliness to be involved with children. Please click here for more coaching information!

How about being a referee?
Double Yes! Again, we are always in need of referees.  This is perfect way to earn extra money. You must be 12 years of age to be certified as a Grade 9 referee and 13 years of age to be certified as a Grade 8 referee. Depending on the age group of the game, our referees make a minimum of $15 per game.  Please check the referee policy on our web site for current offers and incentive programs. Please contact Chris Jones for referee clinic information (432)661-9434.

Where and when do we practice?
The location, day and time of your team’s practice is at the discretion of the coach.  With the exception of Saturday and Sunday practices, all weekday practices must be held after 5:30.  Practices held prior to this time must follow MSA rule 4.0.6.

Why can’t we practice at the soccer complexes?
Living in West Texas does have its challenges! Keeping soccer fields green and in playable condition is a struggle, even with all the hard work of the City of Midland Parks and Recreation Department. By not practicing on game fields, we hope to allow the fields an opportunity to rebound and achieve the best possible results from this huge investment. 

Why does Midland have to be a part of NTSSA?
All soccer in the world is controlled by FIFA, which stand for the Federation Internationale de Football Association.  A portion of your registration fee finds its way to FIFA.  FIFA rules are used to play the soccer game.   Midland is a part of North Texas State Soccer Association (“NTSSA”), which is a member of United States Youth Soccer Organization (“USYSO”), which is a member of United Stated Soccer Federation (“USSF”), which is a member of Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football (CONCACAF) which is a member of FIFA. Whew! 

The information above does not replace any rule contained in the Rule and Regulations of Midland Soccer Association.  To review the actual rule, please consult the Rules and Regulations and Bylaws of Midland Soccer Association.  (08/14)


2016 Rules Changes: USSF Launches Player Development Initiative

The USSF (United States Soccer Federation) has recently announced some significant changes which will affect the way youth soccer is played in the U.S.

The "USSF Player Development Initiative Presentation" can be viewed here

and here:

MSA Will Comply with the New USSF Initiatives beginning in the Fall 2016 Season

The two key initiatives are:

  • Small Sided Standards
  • Birth Year Registration

Small Sided Games
Beginning with the Fall 2016 season, MSA will implement the following playing formats:

  • U4: 3v3, no GK – field size: 30 yds X 20 yds
  • U5 and U6: 4v4, no GK – field size: 30 yds X 20 yds
  • U7 and U8: 4v4, no GK – field size: 35 yds X 25 yds
  • U9 and U10: 7v7, with GK (no punting) – field size: 50 yds X 35 yds
  • U11 and U12: 9v9, with GK – field size: 75 yds X 47 yds
  • U13 and older: 11v11, with GK – field size: 112 yds X 75 yds

Birth Year Registration and How it Affects your Current MSA Team
All teams currently in the MSA recreational league can stay together as a returning team with no issues.  Your current team age designation may change with the oldest player on your team determining your team's new playing age. The younger players on your team will be allowed to play up as a returning player only to your team.

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